LindyCON is the celebration of Lindy Hop Dancers, in all our quirkyness.

Founded in 2013, LindyCON Alpha was a new style of dance event featuring inspirational talks, gaming, lindy hop, and blues dancing. We had a lot of fun hosting this event, bringing the dance community together for socialization, introspection, and unique learning opportunities. With a little more polish and fine tuning than Alpha, we are proud to present LindyCON Beta. We hope that you will join us.

Shawn, Chelsea, Katie, Aidan

Here's the basics...

LindyCON is about the meta dance. It's not how to dance, it's what happens with dance when we're not moving our bodies. Click the icons to the right to learn some more about it.

Keynote Speakers

Robert Bell

Robert is a phenomenal guitarist, leader of the Twin Cities Hot Club, Hot Swing Combo, and Uptown Swing Combo, while also playing with the South Side Aces and Cafe Accordian. Robert will talk about what Hot Club Jazz is, exactly, that makes hot club jazz so darned hot.

Cindy Gardner

Cindy is a leader of the Minnesota Swing Scene and has been for 25 years. Her Business, TCSwing, run with husband Terry Gardner, produces such great events as Sving Du Nord and Late Night Swing. Late Night Swing just celebrated their 15th anniversary!

Peter Strom

Peter Strom is an internationally renowned, world class instructor and champion dancer. He started his dancing here at USwing in the early 2000s, forming the esteemed Lindy Movement before stepping out to teach Lindy Hop nationally and internationally. Returning home, Peter founded Uptown Swing in 2010 and has been teaching steadily and working within the Minnesota community ever since.

Morning Session (10am)

Peter Strom

Isaac Garfinkle
Colleges as Mini-Scenes: Challenges and Strategies

There are many challenges to developing a swing club at a college: lack of funds, less access to professional instruction, relatively low average skill, etc.. In considering how to improve or maintain a college club, it may help to think of the college as a scene by itself: the majority of members won't venture outside of the school to dance, and most students learn only from other students. By thinking of a college's swing club in this way, as well as considering how it differs from a normal scene in its goals, members, and events, we can develop strategies to foster a more positive, fun, swing scene. I expect that this talk will have a longer discussion section, where attendees who have run or are running college clubs can share their ideas and experiences with one another, as well as discuss how to best connect those clubs to the larger Twin Cities scene.

Samuel Spaid
What We Can Learn From How Other Dances Are Taught

West Coast, Ballroom, Hip Hop, and Ballet each have a unique teaching method designed to achieve a specific goal. We can learn from these alternative teaching methods both as students and teachers of Lindy Hop (at any level but especially for intermediate and advanced+ levels) to improve the way we learn and the way we teach Lindy Hop.

Lunch Session (1230pm)

Cindy Gardner
Minnesota Lindy Hop

Steven York
The Bard and the Blues

What can studying 400 year old theater do to help your blues dancing? Quite a lot, actually! Before I started to spend all my free time on the dance floor, I used to be a thespian, and specialized in Shakespeare for five years. The artistic process of Shakespearean theater, particularly the way it combines vocal techniques with a text based approach to make Elizabethan theater come alive for modern audiences, has a lot of parallels to the cross-cultural difficulty of studying blues dancing. I'd be happy to share with you a bit of the techniques from a different artistic community that you may not already be familiar with, and hopefully provide you with some insight along the way!

Audra Lawlor
It's the way that you do it: Applying Psychological principles to teaching dance

If you can walk, you can dance. But how do you get from walking to dancing? And how do you process that information? This discussion will focus on the techniques and tools I have developed in the dance studio (Big City Swing in Chicago) that are rooted in Psychological theories. The focus on this talk will be on Educational and Cognitive theories.

Claire Lorman
We Don't Exist in a Bubble: Lindy travels on a budget.

Sometimes we stay within our little bubble of a scene and don't stretch the boundaries of this amazing community we're a part of. No matter what level you are, getting inspired is a key to your success as a dancer. As someone who's both lived and travelled to many other scenes, I've learned first hand what it's like to step out of your bubble and be involved in our greater community.

We all love traveling to swing events. Big or small, these events inspire us as dancers and allow us to grow our network and get exposure to music, dancers and instructors outside of Minneapolis. It is a daunting task to figure out how to afford these events and still pay rent. I will start you on the road to increasing your attendance at your dream event without breaking the bank.

Afternoon Session (3pm)

Robert Bell
Hot Club Jazz

Justin Dux

A 10 minute stand up routine to introduce our main speaker for the session.

Tessa Auza
You Community - On and Offline

Curious how to get more folks to your dances? Wonder how to help and support your scene? Here's how to grow and support your swing dance community with and without social media

Tessa Auza
How Not to Use Social Media

Learn from the mistakes of other swing dancer and their events. I'll share with you the fouls and foibles and we can enjoy the schadenfreude. Oh and also learn how to leverage social media in your event's advantage.



A talk can be on anything, here are the guidelines:

  • 10-20 minutes
  • 5-10 minute Q&A
  • Powerpoint A-OK
  • No Slides? A-OK
  • Any Topic
  • Must have a weekend ticket.


  • Oct 13: Accepting proposals
  • Dec 15: Submission closed
  • (if still accepting)
  • Jan 7: Final selections

We want you!

Are you enthusiastic about Lindy hop culture? Are you so enthusiastic that you’d love to have the chance to talk about it in front of your fellow enthusiastic Lindy hoppers?

We’re actively looking for this year’s speakers for Frankie Talks, TED Talk-style discussions of anything related to Lindy culture. Last year’s Frankie Talks ranged from how to do nerdy choreography, to the behind-the-scenes of the dance scene, to how to apply game design to your dancing, and we’re looking forward to seeing what kinds of topics people want to give talks on this year. Topics can be about anything that relates to Lindy culture!

Submission Details

In addition to the details at the left, please include the following with your submission:

  • Your Name, phone, and email
  • Talk Title
  • 3-5 sentence abstract
  • Anticipated A/V needs


Please use the special email link below to send us your proposal, or contact us at with any questions.

Submit a Frankie Talk!

Selection Process

Talks are selected in a rolling fashion until all time slots are filled. Please submit early or at least let us know you are working on a submission.

2014 Videos


The Ole Panel

Human Cognition and Leading

Where does your event dollar go?

Cultural Appropriation in Lindy Hop

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Submit a Frankie Talk

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Double Feature 5 hours of live music!

Twin Cities Hot Club

The Twin Cities Hot Club (TCHC) represents Minnesota in the burgeoning revival of gypsy jazz originally popularized by Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and the Hot Club of France. They recreate not only the famous la pompe that distinguishes this romantic brand of acoustic jazz but also gypsy bossanova, musette, bolero, and swing.

Maud Hixson & Maud Hixson Quartet

Maud Hixson is a singer of classic jazz and popular songs of the 20th century, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She became a full-time musician after being presented as “Best New Voice” at the KBEM Winter Jazz Fest in Minneapolis in 2003, and now works with a variety of musicians, including the continental sextet French 75, which she founded with clarinetist Tony Balluff.

DJ Michael Brafford

Michael is a seasoned veteran DJ, spinning regularly at Rhythm Junction. He'll open up the double feature with 30 minutes of fantastic music.

Events / Schedule

Welcome Party

Friday, 8pm to Midnight
Not available a la carte

The Friday Welcome Party is a special event just for our pre-paid registrants. This party features socialization, gaming, and partying. It's not a dance but an ice breaker and you can get in by purchasing your LindyCON ticket in advance.

Frankie Talks & Gaming

Saturday, 10am to 5pm
$20 A la carte

The core of LindyCON are the Frankie Talks and Gaming. While the talk schedule is available above, there will be three sessions. Each session is scheduled for 90 minutes with an 60 minute break in between. The sessions will start at 10, 1230, and 3.

Gaming sessions are open ended, and the number of games available is great. Bring your own or play what's available, either way, you'll find worthy opponents abound.

Double Feature

Saturday, 7pm to Midnight
$25 a la carte

The LindyCON Double Feature provides not one but TWO bands on a single night. The bands will alternate sets over the evening and, if we're good, join up at the end of the night. Michael Brafford will open the night for 30 minutes as dancers come in, but after that it's non-stop live music for the remainder of the night. No contests, no band breaks, just great dancing with great dancers.

Late Night House Party

Sunday, Midnight to 4am
$5 a la carte, by Collectively Blue

LindyCON is proud to work with Collectively Blue again. CB provides blues dances, classes, and workshops in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area. CB will host the house party on behalf of LindyCON and is included in the price of admission.

Sunday Activities

Sunday, 11am @ Aster
Sunday, 230pm @ Near Theo Wirth Park
Sunday, 500pm @ Chez Lavelle
Not available a la carte (but show up if you want to see what LC is about.)

Sunday Activities are part of our stretch goals, but they're not part of the event. For starters, we'll be heading to Aster Cafefor Patty and the Buttons. Make your own reservation at 612.379.3138.

Following dancing at Aster, we're going sledding. To get a map to the hill, see any of the staff or registration desks during the weekend. It's going to be 33 degrees and BYOSled, so please dress accordingly. To warm up, everyone is welcome to return to Chez Lavelle for hot cider and/or cocoa. (Coffee, for those interested, from Triple-D Espresso is recommended - it's two blocks away.)


Chez Lavelle

Friday Welcome Party, Sunday Hot Cocoa

8206 Golden Valley Rd, Golden Valley, MN 55427

The Lavelle's have been hosting events big and small since 2005. They are graciously opening their home to host the pre- and post- parties for LindyCON. Their son Kalen is super adorable and while shy at first, will melt your heart.

Molly's Home

LindyCON Frankie Talks and CB House Party

2919 NE Arthur Street, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Molly's home is often the host of many Blues events, including practicas and house parties. The spacious basement will host the talks while the layout upstairs supports gaming and blues dancing alike (although not at the same time).

Patrick's Cabaret

Saturday Double Feature

3010 Minnehaha Ave S Minneapolis, MN

Patrick's Cabaret has been home to many events over the years, from 4PLEX to MWLF's Show. With a lounging space and room for concessions, a great time is ensured.

Registration Details

LindyCON Tickets
CON Lunch
Get in on an order from Pizza Luce, includes soda and other snacks.
Additional Donations
Please consider donating some additional money to LindyCON and Midwest Lindyfest!
85% of all profits will be donated to Midwest Lindyfest.

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LINDYCON Cheat Sheet


Welcome Party
Friday, 8p
Chez Lavelle
Frankie Talks
Saturday, 10a
Molly's House
Double Feature
Saturday, 7p
Patrick's Cabaret
House Party
Saturday, Midnight
Molly's House of Blues
Aster Cafe
Sunday, 11a
Aster Cafe
Sunday, 2:30p
Near Theodore Wirth Park
Hot Chocolate
Sunday, 5pm
Chez Lavelle

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