LindyCON is the exploration of Lindy Hop lifestyle.

In 2013 we had a weird idea. Let's host a local workshop and instead of learning about Lindy Hop, let's learn about each other, about our community. Stealing a few ideas from ComiCON and TED, we came up with a neat little 2 day affair that focuses on community and culture allowing dancers to interact freely and socially.

Upcoming Events

LindyCON: Minneapolis 2015 (June 5-7)

While technically the third LindyCON, it's the first time we're branding as a regional affair. Minneapolis will feature hometown hero, Davina and the Vagabonds in a dancer only gig to open the weekend.
Click here for more details.

LindyCON: Chicago 2015

Coming Soon! Our first regional partner!

BluesCON: Boston 2015

Coming Soon! Our second regional partner will feature the blues community in Boston.

Video Archive

Alpha: January 2014 in Minneapolis

Where does your event dollar go?

by Shawn Lavelle · Take a look at event finances and how costs break down.

Human Cognition and Leading

by Justin Dux · A frame work to help leads learn.

Cultural Appropriation in Lindy Hop

by Susan Olson · We're a very white community doing a dance created by the black community. What does that mean?


by Kendra Strode and Liz Niemer · A talk about their Herrang Experiences and why you should go.

The Ole Panel

by St Olaf Swing Club Alum · Current and previous St Olaf Swing Club officers discuss their experiences running a college club.

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